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Research in products and methods is an ongoing process. The careful evaluation of our clients opinions is always open for better service. We add value to the good products offered by nature to make sure they maintain the vitality and good bio.

The way the cosmetics act

1.- Regenerating

Awakening the memory of form of skin and hair, mainly through the cytokines naturally present in herbs.


Skin and hair whilst renewing throw out that which is blocking like toxicity and other oxidants.

The skin recovers breathing as a fundamental function for refreshing and cleansing creating an immediate feeling of wellness.

Through the action of the creams the skin can eliminate better the toxics that are fat soluble.

No using artificial penetrants we allow the skin to discriminate better.

3.- Training the best capability of the skin as therapeutic barrier between the outer and the inner world being this function of the uttermost importance.

The skin recreates healthy information and learning system. It separates and allows in what is good and throws out what is damaging or no necessary. Through the anti-stress effect it works out the precise elasticity and tension and the vital alert acting as a lively frontier.

The skin learns to become beautiful without risk for its real function.

Deep breathing, healthy food, positive thinking, avoiding toxicity and good care show on the skin as health, wellness and beauty.