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The skin as therapeutic frontier

The frontier is the limit which deserves exquisite care. It is a space where keepers must discriminate fast what is helpful by affinity and resonance and what is needed at the present moment.

The skin is an organ that recreates itself fulfilling its therapeutic task. For this to happen it needs to be listened to learn from what it is beneficial and to reject that which comes under false appearance.

The skin breaths and so it is revitalized helping the lung breathing and establishing its own oxygenation. It fulfills a complex task as boundary between the outer and the inner world regulating important energy exchanges between both.

All products to be used on the skin must respect the exquisite intelligence with which the skin must act or it can create an important damage to the system.

The skin is as well the first visible manifestation shown to the world and to others. Its aspect shows the good care, the balanced breathing and the equilibrium between social and antisocial forces needed for a healthy relation of each person with others.

The substances to be used on the skin must carry a vital message of respect and good ingredients and good intentions when prepared, this is the commitment of Cosmoetica.