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Where to buy?

Find out where you can buy the products from Cosmoética. 


You can purchase Cosmoetica products in health food stores, pharmacies and drugstores. You can also request them at your local store, and if they do not have them only they  have to contact the Equisalud laboratory, we serve all outlets Spain.

If you have difficulty finding Cosmoetica can also purchase online, with delivery in 24 hours (Spain), here



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United Kingdom

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Buy online Cosmoetica: buy online in the UK here.

If you do not find Cosmoetica products in the UK or if you are interested in distributing, you can contact us at 07 984 014 743. Or write filling the contact form




Don't you find Cosmoetica at USA? Do you want to distribute? Write us and we will help you to get them, or contact us on (208) 920-1512. Go to the form

You can also buy online Cosmoetica Line here.




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Minivademecum (GER)Tel. Beratung & Bestellung: 0941-3996707  

Buy online: press here






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