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Thirteen Holy Nights

Celebrate the Thirteen Holy Nights with Cosmoetica


From the 24th of December to the 6th of January the 13 Holy Nights offer a period dedicated to experience and celebrate Magic.

We invite you to celebrate the birth of the Higher Being as I. He has the most complete vision to ordain and create successful ideals, values and new power.

In this period in the depth of Winter Olav Aestov slept throughout the 13 Holy Nights with the 12 days according to an old Norwegian legend.

Now you can celebrate the power to make the changes you wish in your life. Write your dreams of each of the Holy Nights. With this review you shall achieve an extraordinary skills to enrich your life..

Let the inspiration come to you from the best of your own being and from the best of the world you know. The following verses intend to help your be inspired. Each verse corresponds to one of the 13 nights. Read it and make it your own, transform it if you wish so. Share your experiences and your dreams.. 

Together we give new meaning to transcendental beauty.