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Thirteen Holy Nights, First Night


noche 24

Each of the 13 nights from today, represents a threshold to access a higher level of vision and action.

Volonteer exercise of truthful thinking and good action we emanate transcendental and sublime beauty.

Each persons has in itself, in its heart, the seed of the heart of humanity.

The birth of the Highter Being, incarnated and sealed in each human being, opens new hope for each one and for the Earth as well but its fragrance and the beauty of colors only shine when noble actions deserve celebration.

From inmemorial times the Dames of the flowers or Muses have inspired us..

The Dames of the Flowers manifest where flowers and beautiful feelings coming from a human being work together for a higher purpose.

We wish you 13 Holy Nights with charm and inspiring dreams. We wish you that the visible and no visible Beauty  guide you.


 In love



I come back every day

From the infinite of my dreams.

I comprehend and integrate

The teaching

Of flowers.

And in my body

I realize and accept

The care given

By the Dames of transcendental Beauty and Inspiration


First Night:            

I experience within me the birth of the I AM


I am the owner of my destiny. I am the captain of my soul.    (William Ernest Henley)

This quotation is widely known now thanks to Nelson Mandela who took it as a plan for his life throughout long years in prison.